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On 8 October 1976, with the constitutive assembly, the Velo Club Tamaro was officially founded, which later became the Velo Club Monte Tamaro in 1980.

It was the passion for cycling that had always marked the life of the Valle Vedeggio that, combined with the desire to create a club to promote the sport of cycling among young people, led a small group of friends to found the Velo Club Tamaro.
In a short time, many young people from the valley villages joined the club and for the first time took up cycling.

In the club's long history, almost 500 riders have worn the prestigious yellow jersey, contributing to writing important and unforgettable pages of Ticino, Swiss and international sport. Some among them 'made their way' and still represent an example for many young people today.

In this regard, we particularly remember Rocco Cattaneo, Mauro Gianetti and Pietro Zucconi, who were able to illustrate themselves at various levels in the international cycling scene with exploits and performances of absolute value.

In the early years of the new century, the history of the VCMT manages to find new vigour through an innovative project that enhances and privileges the practice of mountain biking. A real cycling school was born, the first in Ticino, and the VCMT in the short space of a decade became a fundamental point of reference for all young people. One of them is Filippo Colombo, who has gradually managed to go through all the stages of a brilliant and still young career that has led him to the conquest of prestigious results at national and international level.

The accurate and meticulous training work proposed by the competent and motivated VCMT coaches goes on, guaranteeing continuity and vitality to the whole environment and allowing us to look to the future with great optimism.


An optimism that has characterised many years of history, a history also marked by the VCMT's organisation of important international events, which we summarise below:

1988 Mezzovico, Swiss elite championships
1993 Isone, Tour de Suisse stage finish
1996 World Road Championships in Lugano
1998 Lugano, finish of the Mendrisio- Lugano time trial stage of the Giro d'Italia
2003 Monte Tamaro- Lugano, MTB World Championships at Monte Tamaro- Lugano
1997/2016 Gianettiday
2014-2019 Monte Ceneri, TamaroTrophy
2020 Monte Ceneri, European MTB Championships

2022 Monte Ceneri, ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION Tamaro Trophy
2023 Monte Ceneri, ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION Tamaro Trophy
2024 Monte Ceneri, CIC ON Swiss Bike Cup Tamaro Trophy

Over 40 yars of history


40 years: the moviola of memory lingers on people and emotions!
40 years: a long journey of victories and defeats.
Life is all this!
It all began with the enthusiasm of the people of Alto Vedeggio. Outspoken and proud!
The desire to do something for their young people!
The love for one's own land and for the sport of cycling became the salt of the activity of a association that was immediately able to illustrate itself with those yellow jerseys that remind us of the sun and bring joy!!!
Behind every success there are men, good and generous, ready to sacrifice.
From the managers to the riders!
Cycling is facing a long climb where you pedal hard but nobody gives up, there is a desire to go on, to reach the top...

The story continues!

THE Velo Club Monte Tamaro COMMittee


Marzio Cattani, President
Rocco Cattaneo, Vice-Chairman

Daniele Zucconi, Member
Marco Maccagni, Member
Mauro Maggiulli, Member
Mauro Bissolotti, Member
Daniele Piccaluga, Member

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