MTB School

MTB School

And with the resumption of school, a fitting and tender reminder of this beautiful summer: the
Summer ☀️ Camp of the Velo Club Monte Tamaro.

Organised by our wonderful and volcanic trainer Karin, with the invaluable help of two very young monitors from Gioventù e Sport Ticino (Nicolò and his daughter Josefine), 12 young bikers aged 5 to 7 enjoyed a week of fun, friendship and sport.

MTB School

"Being a monitore in summer camps, or in general organising cycling activities with children," said Karin, "is one of the most beautiful and fulfilling activities if you enjoy passing on your passion. Dedicating my free time to teaching the little ones how to better manage their two-wheelers is satisfying, and the smiles on the faces of 12 children happy to be able to play and learn are the greatest and most sincere reward you can get".

MTB School

Pedalling, friends, fun and.... even a bit of technique.


The youngsters of the MTB School at work on how best to prepare their bikes.

MTB School

Summer ☀️ Camp of the Velo Club Monte Tamaro!


A fantastic experience, to be repeated in 2024, together with Karin, Josefine and Nicolò.

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