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Elvira Radaelli

I chose this sport because I've always liked it. My dad passed on this great passion for cycling to me. Mountain biking allows me to feel free and always try to push my limits. Thanks to cycling I have grown a lot, achieved some goals and set others! I chose the VCMT because of their professionalism and sporting seriousness, which is recognised at many levels. The team for me is like a big family, we constantly support each other and push each other towards new goals.

Giorgia Barelli

I got hooked on this sport thanks to my dad because when my brother and I were little he used to take us around to show us fun and discover new places, and from there this passion was born.


I joined the Velo Club Monte Tamaro thanks to my brother because he too had chosen mountain biking and he always supported me at many times, so I decided to follow him too, at least we could help each other at any time.

Josefine Kühl

My passion for mountain biking started when my brothers and I used to have fun in the garden doing acrobatics with just our bike and some wooden planks.


When I ride my bike, I feel free and I can forget all the hassle of everyday life.


I joined the Velo Club Monte Tamaro because I wanted to get away from the road bike and dedicate myself to the passion of MTB: the VCMT is the best :-)!

Leo Vadon

My first bike was waiting for me before I was even born and two wheels soon became my passion. I have been racing for 9 years now and at the Velo Club Monte Tamaro I have found friends with whom I can share my passion and coaches who are able to motivate me to make the effort necessary to achieve my goals.

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